Privacy Policy

According to the General Data Protection Law, we adopt all procedures required to ensure the safety and privacy of our customers’ data. See below the list of Frequently Asked Question and clarify your doubts about this topic.

  1. Why does Fleury need to collect my data?
  2. We only collect the minimum data necessary so that we can guarantee an adequate provision of services and that allow you to have access to the differentiated services we offer, such as monitoring your evolution report on our website.

  3. How does Fleury collect my data?
  4. The data can be made available directly by you in our service channels, generated as a result of the provision of services by Fleury, or can be provided by other Group companies. We may also obtain personal data and other information from public sources – provided by government authorities (public bodies).

  5. What data does Fleury collect?
  6. The following personal data are collected during the telephone service we provide when scheduling exams, the pre-opening of your file or, during the service at our units: • Full name • Birth date • Genre • Weight • Height • Address • Phone for contact • Email • RG • CPF • Your health insurance details • Credit card details (Only in cases of private payment)

  7. How does Fleury use my collected data?
  8. The data we collect is necessary, for example, to properly frame the reference standards of the exams you perform (data such as your date of birth and gender), or so that we can identify any restrictions on our equipment, such as your data height and weight, which can also be relevant in complementing the assessment of aspects verified in your samples or exam images. In the case of your address data, we use it exclusively so that we can send you the results of your exams or any other communication that may be necessary. It is also important that we have faster ways to contact you, such as your phone number and your email. These are our most frequent communication channels to contact you regarding aspects of your scheduling at one of our units, release the results of your exams, or when we need to contact you for requests or additional clarifications that may be necessary. As for their documents, such as RG and CPF, these are data that allow their correct identification, to avoid, for example, the incorrect opening of a file in the case of namesakes, the issuance of an invoice for the provision of services or even for billing services to your health care provider.

  9. What does Fleury do with data generated from my exam results?
  10. The provision of services we perform also generates data, and such data belongs to you. This data is the reports and images of the exams you perform in our service units, or through our mobile service. The data generated as a result of our service provision are stored linked to your personal data. Thus, all exams you perform in our services will be part of your electronic medical record. The maintenance of this electronic medical record is a legal and regulatory obligation, in compliance with Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) Resolution No. 1,821 of 2007 and Article 6 of Law 13,787/2018. The maintenance of these data is also relevant because they complement a service we make available to you, which is the monitoring of your evolutionary report.

  11. Does Fleury handle my personal data?
  12. Yes, Fleury carries out activities for the treatment of your personal data, in strict compliance with all current rules that regulate our activities, as service providers in the healthcare area, and with the adoption of procedures to guarantee your security and privacy. The Personal Data we process varies according to the purposes of use, including those indicated in our Privacy Policy, and the activities we carry out. However, it is important to emphasize that Fleury does not sell your personal data.

  13. Does Fleury share my personal data?
  14. Your personal data may be shared only in the context of the provision of services that we propose to perform, or in situations where, by regulatory force, or for the performance of a contract, we have to share. There is sharing of your data, for example, if it is mandatory for us to make the mandatory notification of diagnosis of certain diseases, listed in the table that is defined by the Health Surveillance. In the context of providing services, your data may be shared with partners who perform some of the exams we offer in our portfolio, such as when we outsource the performance of exams for some technical reason. However, only essential information is shared so that the service is provided with the technical quality to which we are committed. Sharing may also take place with your health care provider, pursuant to the execution of a contract for billing purposes, but we will always limit the sending of data that are essential for this purpose. This is the context in which we process your personal data. If you need more detail of your entire history in our services, such as the list of all the exams you performed, in addition to the other data we have in our registration systems, please let us know so that we can search for the information.

  15. What are cookies?
  16. Cookies are small text files that may or may not be added to your device's browser. These files have the ability to store and recognize data helping the user to remember their preferences in addition to customizing their access. They also allow you to collect data related to navigation depending on the type of device used, the authorizations granted by you through your device settings and the functionalities used in each application. Fleury may use its own or third-party cookies on our Websites and Applications.

  17. How does Fleury guarantee the security of my data?
  18. The Grupo Fleury handles with great care and security all personal data that travels in the Group's environment. The organization establishes processes and controls to prevent, detect and respond to incidents and protect your data from unauthorized access and use, thus ensuring the proper management of information security risks. We also understand that data must be protected regardless of its location, whether in a business partner, service provider or even in a service unit, from the moment it is collected, through processing, transmission, storage, analysis and your total discard. Additionally, Fleury adopts updated technical security measures, implemented to ensure proper protection against possible losses, improper disclosure, alteration or any other data breach.

  19. Can I request the portability of my data stored in Fleury to another location?
  20. Data portability is a right guaranteed by the General Data Protection Law, however, it should be noted that the transfer of your data to another provider must be preceded by a prior validation of the systemic aspects used by the provider that will be the recipient of the data, of so that there is effectiveness in this transfer. Even so, in the health segment, it is important to consider that laboratories can use different methodologies in carrying out their tests, so that the unification of data can impact the monitoring carried out. As for the deletion of data after portability, we must inform that this possibility should be evaluated in light of the regulatory norms that govern the health segment.

  21. Can I ask Fleury to delete my personal data?
  22. Yes, you can request the elimination of your personal data, also regarding any processing activities being carried out after the obtainment of your consent. However, we highlight that the possible exclusion of your data will be subject to the analysis of the legal and regulatory norms that govern the activities of the healthcare segment, which, in general, are applicable to the provision of our services. Accordingly, Fleury may keep your personal data for a minimum period of time for audit purposes, for compliance with regulatory obligations, or for the time required – as provided for in the legal bases that justify the retention of your data